Oceana Hydrotherapy



The ultimate multi-sensory capsule for exclusive body treatments and hydrotherapy services. Envelop your body in the healing power of water. This state of the art Ocean POD offers steam, infra-red, ceramic dry heat, multiple water massage jets, Vichy shower jets and aromatherapy.

Coconut Milk Soak & Steam
60 min
Sea Salt Scrub Steam & Soak
60 min
Detox Steam & Soak
60 min

Prelude Add On to Massage or Skin

Add on to any of your massage with our special prelude services.

Foot Scrub - $25

Renewing the soles and sloughing off dry skin.

Seashell Prelude - $25

Providing the energy of the ocean incorporated into your lower back massage.

Warm Salt Stone Prelude - $25

The powerful himalayan salt packs a punch with mineral benefits, salt stones incorporated into your lower back and shoulders.

CBD - $25

A powerful herbal muscle and joint formula, CBD recovery is applied to targeted areas.

Shirodhara - $65

Experience one of the most profound treatments available. Shirodarah is based on the ancient Indian tradition of ayurvedic healing. This deeply relaxing ritual uses warm coconut oil poured in a gentle stream over the forehead (third eye) followed by a soothing scalp massage. (25 min.)